BAVL : anti bank - Float / Flow & Original Pack, Unity Float / Jesu Throne, Rise & Crown Exhald.

BAVL - flow, of the: Anti bank & flock float, unity & pack formations. The One & Singular Only, Rank & Repeating / Reseting / Refreshing: Rate Bank, of Equality. Original prayers, and statement of the: Modernism opening into the target & final, computer age.

The anti bank, name is: Inspired by, the Norwegian, unity meaning. Being, about to: Give, “bank.” Would be, to: Fight someone, down.

Electronic / Machinal & Industrialism, Prayers. This bank, forms are to: Remain in, an ambitious & productive unity.

Bank registrants, personal: BEND, value unit - Monthly Tick, of Deposit & Supply by Casuals.

Money & currency storage, display of value: “1′296,60 bd's.”

BAVL anti, bank flow : yearly, account & reset course - Lotto / Victory.

The unity percentages, out of the total decimal: 6 sims, are set to remind. About the Aurbakken & Laland, digit redesign being: Ahead of, the current trend in decimals. With the BAVL - “#4&#4 - 16 x / -:10,” Four: Wheels & Rotor, Engine. Numeric Symbolism & Digits, in: Character Redesign, by Structural & Invert Mirroring. Yet this, is not yet: Implemented, into the banking. And Bendik himself, still is: Unsure, if 1′296,00 = 2'073,60. This might, only be a: Problem with, the calculators technique. And probably, this value should display: Different as, in the Mathematical Wheel & Rotor Engine, Documentation & Example: Structure of Digit, Redesign & Technical Treatments.

There is, no place to: Sign up for, the antiBank unity. One should be, a member simply upon: Opening & viewing, these unit pages.

BAVL © Copyright Notice : capitalism : capitulates - Royal Fence, Break Down & Away into one Crunch.

Bendik Aurbakken Viking Laland, once promised: This proclaimed value, of 1′296,60 units. To be reset, every 30th of: Days. As well as, the yearly: Bonus to be, out of: 12´312,20 unit values, and in a 365 days cycle.

For whatever cause, these values are: Never to, be edited again. Not, by anyone: What, so ever. Unless it is, in with the: Digit, numbers & redesign. The first & original, money statement is: Not of an intentionally, false kind. Yet, with the announced & conclusive: BAVL - Research unity, of number & digit redesign. Still, not being: Official science, the numbers itself does not lie. But the value, should be: Almost doubled, when passing 200 x. BAVL : plan A & plan B, speaks for itself.

Also antiBank unity, prevents all: Warfare and it, is predicted. To be, fully operational in: Year 4'000. Yet, maybe: Peace comes, on beforehand.

BAVL © Bendik Aurbakken Viking Laland : please, do not: Copy any contents, in this html bank file. All unit, rights: Reserved, for any unity use.